Wednesday, December 25, 2013

“Palace of Soviets” built in Kaliningrad city, Russia in 1975. Locals call it “A Big Monster”


bluegreenblogger said...

My wife is from a small town in the Kaliningrad area. I have visited recently, and there are more than a few Soviet era monstrosities in and around the city. But there are also many beautiful old German buildings. Kaliningrad was annexed by the Soviet Union after WWII, but it was known as Koenigsberg when it was the capital of East Prussia, because it was where the King in Prussia was crowned. Generally speaking, if a building is attractive, and not falling apart it was built by the Germans before 1946. If structural and architectural elements are falling off, then it is another Soviet masterpiece. There have been a lot of recently built Orthodox churches and Cathedrals built, and for the most part they are well constructed, attractive buildings.

Cedric said...

"In Soviet Russia, buildings look at you!"