Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The truth in my view is that most offenders don’t belong in prison. Prison is deadening to the soul, destructive, the very admission of societal defeat. It rehabilitates almost no one. It takes remarkable strength for anyone to emerge less damaged than before.


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The Rat said...

And my view is judges have become captive to the people they deal with daily. They sympathize with the criminals to the point that they break the law themselves. Judges are not elected in Canada so they can be independent of government, not so that they can act as opposition. If the law is unconstitutional then strike it down but if a judge simply disagrees then he must still enforce it.

As for the victim not being part of the system, whoa!! hold on. The deal is we don't burn down the house and rape the offender's daughter because we expect justice will be done on our behalf. Judges are already too sympathetic to criminals so any reminder of the crime committed and the hurt done is critical prod judges to do the job they are there to do.

I was assaulted on the job when I was young. I was placed on restricted duties and I was then fired. It was wrong for my company to fire me but it was a shitty company. The guy who assaulted me was charged and he was a repeat offender. He skipped the first court date, probably hoping I would not show for the second as witness. When I did he plead guilty and his lawyer argued that he had just started a good job and any incarceration would be a real hardship. He got off with probation. Me, no one asked me how I was doing, still unemployed because of this ass, yet he got the court's sympathy and got two days of my life wasted. It wasn't justice.

Today, we still forget about the justice.