Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teacher who played drums in Harper's band charged with sex assault

And so?

I am not a big fan of Stephen Harper but he can hardly be held accountable for things his acquaintances do secretly.

Not to mention these are charges and not convictions.


Anonymous said...

Well, it kind of had to be said, because if it wasn't said, it would appear as some kind of cover-up. I think it had to hit the headlines for one day, anyway. Sadly, it will take space away from the voter suppression effect that the new ID requirement in the elections legislation will have.

Anonymous said...

Voter suppression is now having ID that verify you are who you say are? So, you cant buy a bottle of wine without ID but you can vote? Its strange how little some people regard Democracy.

Anonymous said...

...while in general it is true that you ca't hold Harper responsible fr the actions of the drummer, don't you find it just a little curious how long the list is of close companions that are of questionable morals?? He goes fishing with Rob Ford, he personally awards Justin Bieber with a Queens Jubilee medal, several of his PMO advisers have been charged or are being investigated (one is awaiting extradition from Panama), his Parliamentry Secretary is charged with election fraud, his campaign chairs were convicted of election fraud, and we have that recording of him authorizing a million dollar life insurance policy for a backbencher to switch parties---and I could go on for a few pages