Thursday, April 3, 2014

Victims Bill of Rights

I have read Bill C-32 and there is really nothing very new in it.

Most of what it suggests - keeping complainants apprised of how a case is going, taking their views into account in plea negotiations, helping vulnerable witnesses give testimony - is already done. What's more most of the language of the legislation is discretionary - it really does not require anything very much to be done except to give information an to listen.

Now that is valuable and perhaps it makes sense to put it into legislation. Certainly it's hard to object to much in Bill C-32. But it changes very little.


Anonymous said...

Yes James I know I read a brief of it. But you know what it will do most importantly? It will trick the Harper conservative supporters into thinking that they actually got some right-winged legislation when they really only got a little milk and cookies instead!

Anonymous said...