Thursday, May 15, 2014

Snow Day!


Anonymous said...

So happy!

Professor Morton, I heard that the Caribou habitat, which I first learned of here, is history.

Can't anything be done to protect it?

The Keystone Garter said...

I'm figuring out a system to look for bioequipment and maybe AI equipment, in the future.
You start off voluntarily retrofitting manmade objects and selling new objects, so they are transparent to an impending sensor type (ie ultrasonic). Especially you make your public spaces transparent.
Then you begin looking for opaque objects in public places and voluntarily in private property.
All this is easy as the opaque object sensors are not a tyranny threat; maybe a personal privacy nuisance.
The tricky part is when you start to sensor private property for opaque objects. This is presently a privacy violation. It still isn't a threat to diffuse prototyping WMDs much. Telling people what sensors have trouble seeing, doesn't help their blueprints much.
The really tricky part is WMD implements (such as PCR machines) sensors; looking in opaque settings. This is both a privacy breach and an issue regarding proliferation: prevents accidnets but get more internal Anthrax attack whackos. Pattern recognition helps prevent the whole NSA from having access to WMD blueprints but there is still the issue of sensors being stolen and used to search for WMDs or to help prototype WMDs...
There is a tyranny issue both among fundies and existing dictatorships (whether a single dictator or by a dumb population) the more you sensor. But getting the framework for a safer scaleup here that minimizes the odds you broadcast a blueprint before you cvan sensor for it.