Monday, June 9, 2014

Bears in Cape Dorset


The Keystone Garter said...

Learning about the history of law. English gvmt predates 1066. Alfred was a scholar who may have been influenced by recent Charlemagne history when he went to Rome. It was Homer who taught people can be better than Gods, that Gods are imperfect, and whose writings influences Aristotle...Alfred wanted universal education because he wanted a strong military like he viewed the Greek ideals enabled. It is useful to look at the past to see when the future is at risk to break apart.

I don't believe the NSA's present raw data communications methods are useful for handling future WMDs. Pattern recognition sensors are risky in that they can be used to prototype WMDs. While the raw data of camera info everywhere, and maybe CNT coating electrical info of objects, is a tyranny threat in the wrong hands.
So at the moment I'm leaning towards secure local tamperproof computer databases possessing the raw data of biolab (maybe AI) component sensor searches. The tamperproof computers are verified to be secure using quantum encryption cables. About as many as there are police stations in the world, but police stations in 3rd world nations are sometimes targets of violence.
The PR takes place inside the tamperproof computer enclosure and can be verified by the general public.
I'm worried new WMD implements could be developed before they can be brainstormed and added to the PR search list. Otherwise I would suggest deleting the raw data immediately after the PR process. I'm also concerned the raw data would be useful for finding a terrorist in the investigation after a 2050 9-11...The sfest way to avoid tyranny is to delete the raw data after PR search. The PR search here is not to find murders.
Hostile Private property will have to be subject to a search warrant and sensor search.
Still musing about the best way to keep raw data from being intercepted. Wired is better than wireless. Physical delivery by the sensors is superior to wired; a main goal is to investigate who is pretending to be the NSA and hacking: the raw data isn't that dangerous unless the hacker applies PR software to it. It is all about picking a good PR list (ensuring privacy by picking appropriate sensor types), ensuring good C&C just like how the IAEA verifies nuke compliance, and good police/military investigations of positive PR tests.
I have a procedure that starts with subsidizing transparent consumer products, but need to determine the sensor types first (CNT coatings are good but will use electricity).

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the previous comment has to do with the cute but deadly creatures depicted in the post.

The Keystone Garter said...

it seems like you can get utilitarianism from Christianity, but only up to a certain technology set we are well past.
Charlemagne was probably influenced to help the poor by Jesus, but so was Democritus (650BC?) using Homer. There is some respect for Aristotle's pseudo-empiricism among the Catholic Church, even among Muslims. The Muslim world did not have the strong Greek thinker influence. Only a little bit of Aristotle actually lead to Roger Bacon; much of his rote teaching worked against his scientific method precursor.
The Angle-Saxon Germanic Tribes weren't much for improving law. A Muslim thinker ended their Enlightenment because he was afraid of his own mortality.
England had the Celtic monks to thank for initiating progressive Science. They were not political like the Popes were. Their simple life avoided corruption and deadend-plunder-economy that doomed Greece, Rome, USSR, and it leading us mildly to underachieve with our low corporate tax rates on banks and oil.
The good created near dangerous Turkey (and Israel is hard to guard pre-IR), was able to migrate to NW Britain, Scotland, and North America. This is why Common Law is better than Civil Law. And why we should keep the Queen.

The Keystone Garter said...

Key is future technology, and laws, and progressitivity are all related.