Monday, June 23, 2014

Injunctive relief

Renfrew Insurance Ltd. v Cortese, 2014 ABCA 203:

[8]               The test for an interlocutory injunction is well established and not in dispute. It has three components (RJR McDonald Inc v Canada (Attorney General), 1994 CanLII 117 (SCC), [1994] 1 SCR 311):
(i)                             a strong prima facie case, in cases of employees restrictive covenants, or a serious issue to be tried;
(ii)                           irreparable harm before trial if no injunction is granted; and
(iii)                        the balance of convenience must favour the granting of the relief.

[9]               In assessing whether a strong prima facie case exists, the court is obliged to consider the enforceability of the restrictive covenants in question. However, a prolonged examination of the merits of a case at the interlocutory stage is neither necessary nor desirable: RJR-MacDonald at 337-38.

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