Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now I Will Lead

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The Keystone Garter said...

A lot of what I'm suggesting is basic materials science:
I have a reasonably well sketched out procedure for preventing bioincidents and AI in the future.
It rests upon looking for biolab equipment and possibly AI components. This Electrical Engineering research would only take place at secure labs or be outlawed altogether, as some bioexperiments are now handled.
All man-made goods would be monitored. Cameras and conductive ink or CNT coatings would watch objects looking for biolab parts or biolab research.
This info would be connected to a very short range communications network, like wifi, but only powerful enough to transmit about a foot. A hummingbird sensor would regularly fly around one's home, collecting the raw data from cameras and conductive ink coated appliances and walls, and bringing the data to a cable internet connection.
Random # generators will have collected lots of RNs and each one-time-pad will be copied by an intelligence agency or national security agency, and delivered en masse to a home/property owner, probably with the purchase of a conductive ink-coated appliance. The is data first compressed at home (video cameras don't need to send static images of an empty room for 8 hrs), and then encrypted with a one-time-pad. Then it is sent to the NSA's website. They apply pattrn recognition analysis to look for biolab parts or R+D or a limited set of such type technologies. Then the act on the positive hits, and delete the rest of the data a week or two later. The latter step must be conducted transparently to avoid the tyranny of looking for too many pattern targets (Obama commits murders, so do police officers), yet must keep the PR software classified. The PR encompasses a lot of the pitfalls here. And also just how much electronics and bioresearch to slow/halt/reverse.