Saturday, June 14, 2014


I would first like to begin by thanking the voters of Thornhill for their commitment to democracy in Ontario. You voted for a provincial representative that you trusted and that would ensure your loved ones have a secure future.

Yesterday, we learned of inaccuracies in the results reported by Elections Ontario in various polls, including 13 polls where the Liberal and PC tallies were affected.  The overall riding results now show Ms. Martow with a lead of 85 votes.

It was obviously a disappointment to learn that Elections Ontario has reversed the result reported on election night.  Moreover, we are alarmed at the number of what Elections Ontario deemed to be 'transposition and minor clerical errors' that led to this decision.  Of 50,090 votes cast, the difference is less than 0.2% of all votes cast. When the results are as close as they were, it is imperative to ensure that every vote was counted properly. 

The voters of Thornhill deserve to know that their votes counted and their will is reflected in the result.   For that reason, my campaign will be requesting a judicial recount, to ensure the accuracy of the result.

In the meantime, I will continue to serve my constituents as City of Vaughan councillor for Ward 4.

We owe it to the voters of Thornhill, all candidates, and the hard-working volunteers of all campaigns to determine the complete, and accurate result.

Thank you.

Sandra Yeung Racco
Ontario Liberal Candidate for Thornhill

11 Disera Drive, Unit 270
Thornhill, L4J 0A7


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