Thursday, June 26, 2014

This dog won't hunt; Peter MacKay says controversial Mother’s and Father’s Day emails written by female staffer

I've dealt with plenty of staffers over the years. I've even had them write speeches, brochures and policy briefs for me. BUT I am the name signing and if I don't agree with the text I don't approve it. What's more, if something goes wrong (and it has!) I don't blame the staffer. What I approved is mine to wear.


Anonymous said...

Peter is accused of sending sexist emails and what does he do? Blames a female staffer. Peter appears to be as tone deaf as boss Steve.

the salamander said...

.. did Peter MacKay put this deflection in writing. Or did he get an anonymous staffer, unpaid intern or Temporary Foreign Spokesperson to issue the statement?

Like most.. I'd prefer to hear such whiny nonsence straight from the horse's ass... er.. uh.. mouth ..

Anonymous said...

When a mistake occurs in my student's publications, I too have to wear it because I am the supervisor. That apparently is the way it works for the rest of us but not for the Conservatives.

All politicians take the credit for successes and blame others for mistakes/scandals but none practise it so blatantly as Harper and his Reformacons. Harper blamed Nigel, for example, for Duffy.

At least Wynne apologized for her government's scandals and promised not to repeat them.