Thursday, July 31, 2014



The Keystone Garter said...

One of the strengths of European civilization apart from Homer, Aristotle and R.Bacon, that I am now appreciating is that it is hard to invade a European country while maintaining your own culture, pre-IR. You lose touch and invariably marry locally. I'm interested in why the Dane Law happened and why they didn't pillage uncontrollably. There must've been something the Scandinavians liked about Angle-land enough not to destroy it.
A decisive superiority of the 5 eyes is the UK practise of a King's Council adapted to the UK island. Germanic Tribesmen had advisers, but in England they were never representing foreign interests. Inevitably the default became to build local quality-of-life, whereas elsewhere war was schemed.
This is what I found annoying about the Canadian Health Law and Policy 80 pages of inferior Quebec Civil Law.
I figure allowing private clinics to pay for the costs of cannibalizing public resources is the next innovation in cdn healthcare. I appreciate now how superior our system is to the USA's. Their simplistic mindsets fail to learn expert knowledge areas for a given problem. It is why they and their immigrant's children in AB/SK wanted to collapse a big gvmt Saddam Hussen regime and why they are so loudly criticizing a present Russia that was hemmorhaging WMDs during the late 90s market force era.
It is hard to convert wait times to cash. But if a clinic wants to pay the nurse training costs and other such drains, which are hard to cost, and perform procedures on an informed seems a logical improvement.
I'm lobbying for sensor systems before I lobby for medical R+D, which should both dominate 21st century law. Let the Americans worry about their guns if they must while we worry about not ingesting cholesterol and clearing arteries.

The Keystone Garter said...

...they should probably bring back S.Hussein as a figurehead leader in some form.
I guess there is a hierarchy of nations for the post Cold War international regime.
You have nations that promote or knowingly allow dangerous WMDs. I suppose a smuggled nuke counts but a dirty bomb maybe wouldn't...IDK how long decontamination would take...
You have nations that promote hate or unrest (many mosks and some RW Christians and neocons and even Sun Media are of this persuation), that make it more likely a future will face the first risk. I wouldn't know if an ISIS Iraq would go for WMDs but they would certainly recession their neighbours (as Saddam did).
And you have nations that are killing time, not doing any real harm but not coming up with thoughtful and humane QoL solutions. The GOP are of this nature. Too Christian.
And you have actors who are outputting thoughtful and humane individuals and foreign policies.
You pretty much need to weigh these four groups against eachother to come up with a thoughtful international legal regime. For example, with Quebec so bitter and AB so blind to science: perfect examples of the third group. Russia is the 3rd group. Their wannabe Uke separatists are hateful enough to be the 2nd group. Israel is founded in one of the worst regions on Earth. It is impossible for that region to be anything but the 3rd group at best. So much religious dogma and so little reason.