Wednesday, April 29, 2015



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(having trouble spamming the one words questions I asked a baseball fan from out of town)

Islam is not worth mentioning as I will be assassinated if my words are misinterpreted. Judaism angers Christians as Jews believe someone better than Jesus will come along, and angers me because they don't take my little avatar as their son of God (who ran away last yr I guess).
Agreed 1/2 heartedly with me that education is more important than democracy. Tested my knowledge of the Russian curriculum, maybe got a D for the subject I brought up in asking who (or what system) is better: China or Russia. Not as simple as me or Washington (Consensus) thinks. Anyone could lead Russia. Anyone could be a China advisor (their council of 8 or 9). Both will eventually have bad leaders. Incrementally copying Canada (is a good start?).
When you have good gvmt you are angry at anyone who takes it away from you. The easiest motivation to preserve it is to want to keep it (if not improve it?) for your children. Russia/USSR never had good gvmt. Incrementalism is good enough for Russia because they have been in the European sphere of influence for as long as they have been a community (I'm thinking Peter and the Greek Church here). Russia knows that I am smarter than any American ever to live because the diversity of my country is a strength; is a way to learn what works and what doesn't within reason. Communism wiped out the ties to good gvmt that Russia had. Revolution is self-perpetuating. Prevents people who are skilled at gvmt from getting to power; get killed or imprisoned.
Russia has a better history, China a better trajectory. When people want to be remembered as Great human beings (their citizens?) will be better off than when leaders want (only) to hold on to power in the short-term.
China's leaders were not able to go to Europe until very recently. China is not going to be able to draw on recent history at all. The EU is not able to integrate China at all. China will have to remember that they were all alone in S.Asia in preventing Japan from winning Asia. China can be a role model for Asia except S.Korea. China is wanting to be a great country. China will not be influential unless they realize no one (else?) cares about the Falun Gong at all except them because they assume people interested in being some sort of robots. The revolt odds are really not high at all in China.
The Middle East is not even worth mentioning as I will get assassinated if I am misinterpreted. Albertans are stupider than avg cdns. There is no excuse for believing in Creationism instead of what they see with their own (two) eyes; they are more vulnerable to evolving pandemics than other Provinces if they don\t elect leaders able to respond to evolving dangers under Provincial jurisdiction. Botswana is the best hope for Africa (also said Africa is not worth mentioning as I might be...).

Best Beta Trading said...

...China is not able to guage the odds of Revolution because they remember Mao (he is not the only example in their recent history). Odds of revolution are low as people are not able to bear arms as much as in the USA.
India: corruption is preventing people from not wanting to be corrupt themselves for their (private?) property to survive. When they are able to own property without harassment people will figure it out on their own what to do. EU is okay. Racism is evident enough. They will age if they don't let a few immigrants in. Mexico is needing to be a lot less corrupt as well. India is unable to be less corrupt because they are at the mercy of their God who ruined it for them a long time ago by making them at the mercy of the Caste system. Brazil was able to conquer everyone but their own fear of mortality. They are a Catholic enough country (to not value) they mortal world as much as it should...(I missed something there, an artifact of this prolonged contact is it temporarily retards my short-term memory in a way that would barely be visible under present brain scans but the brain activity would be noticable by future technology as a mildly odd region of brain activity where there is no brain centre locii, they aren't worried about future us being able to reverse engineer, the eureka parts of my brain are at least as good functioning).