Sunday, July 26, 2015

Good Sunday Morning

Of the Law Societies of Upper Canada and Nunavut

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The legal system is needed here. For us, the precedents date back at least 800 or 900 years; is before my studies.
I've been getting these rules that are necessary to join an alliance (which might help us against malevolent actors that don't make AI in the centuries ahead). Rule #5 would need to be enforced fast.
#1 was no insane (military) leaders. #2 was our best and brightest should lead/teach the rest. #3 was don't let any rule triumph over human decency especially only take a life if it protects humanity/utilitarianism. #4 was treat other civilizations like we'd like to (have been) treated.
I asked for optimistic and realistic estimates of when we will fulfill these rules: 50 years and 80 years.
#5 is: present technology cannot tell when someone is incapacitated (we need to invent this). If it takes longer to prove that and enforce that a leader in charge of the military is incapacitated, than it takes for the person to annex the checks on power, it will be a tyranny. The incapacitation sensor should completely trigger a change in the chain-of-command at least temporarily.
I asked if Reagan or R.Klein were incapacitated. He said they weren't at their best, but he does not think Reagan was incapacitated. R.Klein was his old self (feeding me Mad Cow), even if he was a moron his compassion was intact. Incapacitation is a continuum. How efficiently the ordering of the C-of-C is needs to be considered.
I'm able to rank the efficiency of the C-of-C and the likelihood different nations can be rid of ill leaders/Generals. The debates gave a warning about Reagan; they should be extended to lower tier people. A mild check on power is investors can pull away from countries that are prone to tyranny in the making.