Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Baby Bear

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Alien Contact said...

To stop bioterror, it isn't enough just to inform N.American gvmts and hope they use the info wisely. Potentially our Chains-of-Command are mentally ill (as was RLV's rich leader in triggering a global WMD that set them back a millenia). It is necessary to weed out mentally ill persons.
Apparently our PM went to see a psychiatrist over a decade ago and is thus the sanest Party Leader. Apparently any elite psychiatrist would do. 1/3 would believe my experiences personally; mostly Trekkies. It would be useful if any country made seeing a psychistrist a condition of being a leader, at least. Eventually hair follicle sensors will work; mentally ill people often have messed up alpha waves or something easy to sensor.
Verbally attacking strangers, not keeping a train of thought, and not letting others participate in conversation is enough to screen all non-age related mental illnesses. They are worried a potential Party leader's anger ken lead to a mental illness. Suzuki would've been vulnerable to dementia in a decade; really old leaders are not presently wise voter choices. The man he attacked was not able to attack him back because schizophrenia makes once high reasoning go down.
The people responsible for stopping pandemics will need to somehow publicly acknowledge they are not mentally ill. Last decade's leading AI proponent has Narcisism enough not to realizing the simple jr high level known truth that brainwashing mentally ill people is not a good thing. Advanced technology proponents should not be mentally ill. It should be written into our laws that leader should be treated and potentially depowered for mental illness. And certainly treatments will emerge. Given synthetic biology, within 30 years at least our chains-of command need to be cleared of mental illness.