Friday, September 4, 2015


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The ADD rate is 4x cdn avg (21% here). Schizoprenia rate 3x (7.5%). Because everyone is on fixed income. I think intellectuals redeem the system. At my 14 (VLTing dad), the smartest 14 yr old was in Anchorage, but he specialized to be a Prof. At 15, I read a book on Kopchuk's (who drove me to St.B in 2009 when I wanted an objective opinion about cataclysmic vision I had) shelf, sci-fi stories one with alien teenies that meet spiders ants and then get Offed by a person; reading about the magical world of Nadina's place made me learn how to learn and I was almost until then a victim of Christianity. Thx MTN for rabbit-eared TNG. Before 2013 I might not have controlled my anger, but now I have 2-3 biz's to startup and is okay place to brainstorm. In the edge of the hairline, a single artificial follicle can screen for mental illness at cheque issue and then force treatment or no welfare (30 yrs optimistically?).
Outburst sensors triggered by a sensor: trigger a wide variety of temporary higher surveillance:
when the world stops having an area of alcohol without the phased sensor the murder rate goes down 100% at night in most areas. 25% of day murders from booze. At night maybe 100% are preventable with non-corrupt police force.
The above two get 75% to a cdn utopia ignoring things like WMDs in other countries.

If I didn't stop the rape I would've lost Nadina's loyalty (came to hotel with two thick textbooks). They replicated her endocrine system there, she didn't want to be in a conflict of interest at the best part so she hopped two feet up and onto the floor; which is more than can be said for the 3 crooked RCMP here (the only ones in the Province). The 3rd one slept with the Christian officer 1 or 2 times: her job actually interrupted them the 2nd time. In the USA, their partners would die in a shootout while they zipped up.
Aliens (not me, I was thinking a sliding scale the allows gr 10 grad without birth, to Clinton sex starting somewhere between 11-13, and not enforced much as people are different and is expensive medical/psych assessment) said very few 3 are ready but at least one in world is in love, very smart, emotionally healthy. 19 is a woman in China moronic enough to have just discovered out sex isn't only about babies; was terrified of pregnancy. Away has admitted to hacking our some of our communications.