Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pile O Pandas

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Alien Contact said...

I don't want to make it my business going after mad corruption...but in 30 years a designer pandemic will happen. After a red-eye flight, a hospital would be 97th percentile in the region, but is 2nd worse thx to corruption. The worst administrator is senile enough to be unable to respond to non routine events.
the leading cause of hospital Administrator corruption is relevantly hiring pretty/loose women instead of the best. #2: no experience. #3 only delegating to a chosen few inner circle. #4 leaving your post for any reason without instilling a good replacement. # Other hiring prejudices.
Apparently in 25 years hospital will manufacture vaccines as drones spread disease and mail isn't as reliable. The model is St.Boniface; six England hospitals are better. Not everyone can have a top two virology lab nearby...
I'm not sure which levels of gvmt are most likely in getting excellent administrators but the faster doctor and nurse should be rewarded with Administrator excellence for their efforts.