Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Five days to disclose census documents

It's becoming a tradition with this government -- a short time frame to do something and then, at the last minute, avoid doing it. (Remember Khadr?)

OTTAWA — The government has been asked to produce in five days all documents and e-mails sent between Statistics Canada, the Privy Council Office and Industry Minister Tony Clement's office pertaining to the changes to Canada's 2011 census, following a full day of sometimes heated testimony Tuesday in a parliamentary committee.

The committee ultimately passed two motions, one that the government table the documents and another calling on it to reinstate the mandatory long-form census — a motion that will be presented for a vote when the House of Commons resumes sitting in the fall.

The government has five days to comply with the first motion, though what documents it will produce remains to be seen, as some information will be protected under oath as advice to cabinet

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