Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why I admire the Marxist-Leninist Candidate

Campaigning is hard work. The hardest work I've ever done.

You lose track of the days and sleep becomes a distant memory. If like me you have a business you somehow have to keep that going while spending effectively no time at work.

And yet, as a Liberal, I get positive feedback -- yes, some Conservatives are negative but even there I have mostly polite comments. Almost no one slams a door in my face.

But picture the Marxist-Leninist candidate. All the same work, all the same effort and virtually no positive feedback. And lots of door slamming.

I oppose, strongly oppose, the Marxist-Leninist platform -- and am appalled at its roots in tyranny -- but gosh, I admire its candidate. There's dedication.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad. Iggy was quoting Mao last night.

ridenrain said...

New member for the coalition?

rockfish said...

Desperate CONs with idle hands to equal their minds. Don't have a quote you could appropriate from someone to help Mr. Harper, Anonny? Haven't found a speech to plagarize from to make Harper look less-unlikeable yet, ridofbrain?

Get a life.
Keep up the good fight, Mr. Morton!

Anonymous said...

"I oppose, strongly oppose, the Marxist-Leninist platform -- and am appalled at its roots in tyranny -- but gosh, I admire its candidate. There's dedication."

Social Justice is Marxist ideology.

You are a strange individual Mr Morton.

For you to love social justice while explaining away Mr Marx, you make yourself seem disingenuous.

You love Karl Marx and all the Progressives in Canada are Marxists.

They are the exact same Morton.

If not, explain the difference.

Canadian silver bug/Green Assassin Brigade said...

Despite anyone's affiliation, if they work hard and actually try they deserve respect or admiration from all voters and opponents, Campaigning is a hard crappy job.

I find it despicable that all parties run dummy campaigns sucking up votes from people with more desire and better work ethics.

Anonymous said...


Your funny.

Anonymous said...

Whoops ;Should be - You're funny.

Gene Rayburn said...

Anon 10:23. Since you are having trouble with basic political science I suggest you start here

Ask Prof Nutbrown to explain the difference. He did an excellent job when I was there.

Its never too late to get educated Anon 10:23

ridenrain said...

I agree with the spirit of the commemnt. The candidate has guts and spirit to drag himself to rejection after rejection. It's much the same as the joy I get from the heaps of abuse I recieve on the Liblobs.

Anonymous said...



Karl Marx is Social Justice.

Social Justice is for faggots.

James C Morton said...

Sheesh! What a lot of angry comments! I'd say the same about the Family Values Party but (so far as I know) they aren't running here. My point is that canvassing is a tough job and when you really have no chance of winning it must be even tougher. I really admire the guts of everyone -- seriously -- all parties -- who gives up their day job for weeks to walk the streets and tell people their story!