Sunday, June 3, 2012

Police do not disclose description of shooter -- why?

The failure to provide any description of the shooter is suggestive; either the police are unsure as to who the shooter was or, perhaps, they have an idea but are holding it back for public safety concerns?  From the Star:

"Homicide detectives have a description of the shooter, he said, but he wouldn't elaborate. The police gang squad was also inside the centre, which was closed until further notice.

Marcus Neves-Polonio, an employee at the Eaton Centre food court near the Dundas and Yonge Sts. entrance, described the male shooter.

“The shooter was yelling, going crazy,” he said. “It was just nuts.”

Neves-Polonio, who said he was crouching barely a metre away from the fracas, said the shooter was wearing a dark hoodie and baggy pants."


Stephen Downes said...

If they have a reliable description, keeping the description secret aids in sorting between reliable and unreliable eyewitness accounts.

Stephen Downes said...

p.s. still hate the red

Anonymous said...

Even if he were a visible minority we should embrace him as a special person who may have been discriminated against. He may be a person disadvantaged by race and was driven to such an act do to powers beyond his control. If he was victim of racism we should address the liberal causes behind it and try to socially engineer the situation so that we never have this kind of thing happen again. We should have our government draft legislation that will protect persons who are disadvantaged by race so that that may become equal in our Canadian society. We should open up the immigration gates further and introduce white racist Canadians to other cultures so that they become tolerant.

Skinny Dipper said...

Try a little more reddish-brownish tinge. The site won't be as harsh.

James C Morton said...

Is this better? I liked the old look but it got lost in a crash and isnt available anymore

The Rat said...

The colour scheme is much better.

And considering the shooter just turned himself in I suggest they didn't release a description because they knew exactly who they wanted.