Sunday, June 3, 2012

When a surgeon performs an operation to treat a wound "do we say to him: 'Your hands are covered in blood'" Assad asked? "Or do we thank him for saving the patient?"

A curious analogy to be sure.

Here's the only thing that concerns me about the end of Bashar al-Assad's reign -- what follows?

The Shah was pretty awful -- but he seems warm and cuddly compared to what came after? The Czar was a genuine monster -- but again, in comparison his reign was a model of freedom and respect for civil rights.

Now Assad's assertion the massacre in Houla was outsiders is absurd. But it does reflect an understanding that the massacre was a blot on his regime. Perhaps Assad has time still to establish a new order? If not an imploding Syria will be a source of problems for the entire region:

BEIRUT/AMMAN: Syrian president Bashar al-Assad condemned on Sunday the "abominable" massacre of more than 100 people in Houla, saying even monsters could not carry out such acts, and promised a 15-month-old crisis would end soon if Syrians pulled together.

Assad repeated earlier pledges to enforce a crackdown on opponents he says are terrorists carrying out a foreign conspiracy, while offering dialogue with opposition figures who had avoided armed conflict or outside backing.

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The Rat said...

We need to very careful with the whole Syria thing. Obviously the Libya and Egypt situations leave a lot to be desired. And we need to be skeptical of the whole "they're killing babies" thing as Scott Taylor pointed out today. Does anyone remember how many "baby milk" factories the US bombed in Iraq or the laughable Baghdad Bob? Or the Hezbollah misinformation war? There is very little I would trust on first glance from this region and getting suckered in to fighting another war for the jihadis seems counter-productive.