Friday, November 9, 2012

Do cellphone bail restrictions make sense anymore?

R. v. Wong, 2012 ONCA 767 upholds a 30 day sentence for a bail breach of having a cellphone. The purpose of the ban is to limit the accused in participating in drug trafficking. 

III.      Sentence of 30 Days' Imprisonment –

          Breach of Recognizance

[16]       The sentencing judge, as we have said, also imposed a sentence of 30 days' imprisonment, concurrent, for the appellant's breach of his recognizance.  The term at issue, a prohibition against possession by the appellant of a cellphone, was designed to impede his involvement in the drug trade.  We see no error in principle in the sentence imposed for the breach of this term nor is the sentence demonstrably unfit..


The Rat said...

Nor was the sentence demonstrably useful in any way considering it was concurrent with his other sentence. The Canadian bulk discount on crime continues unabated.

The Rat said...
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