Monday, December 3, 2012

Privatizing vice

I remember when the Conservative position was to ban gambling and booze -- times change:


Tory Leader Tim Hudak is calling for the province to get out of the day-to-day gaming business and, Tuesday, he is expected to call for it to also get out of the booze trade.

According to a Progressive Conservative insider, his announcement is one of several this week pointing to a hard-right turn by the Tories to emphasize the difference between the PCs and the Liberals.

“I am having a press conference tomorrow (Tuesday) around the future of retailing alcohol in our province,” Hudak told reporters Monday.

Hudak insisted there are “billions of dollars tied up in government-run businesses that we really don’t need to be in anymore in 2012 and beyond.”


The Rat said...

Funny. Conservatives against vice want government regulation = hard right. Conservative libertarians want government out of vice = hard right. Count me in the second group of hard right conservatives.

James C Morton said...

Calling people "Conservative" tends to be an oversimplification...

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Tim Hudak or the provincial pcs. But, I gotta tell you, privatizing the LCBO, if it meant beer and wine in corner stores, would almost be enough to get my votes.

Anonymous said...

vote, not votes, I only have one.