Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frauds against lawyers and paralegals continue

I received the below email today.

For someone who is familiar with current scams this is a very obvious lead in to a fraud whereby a lawyer or paralegal is tricked into paying out monies on a fake settlement cheque that bounces after to money is paid out.

If you are a lawyer or paralegal and get a proposal like this (which in the surface is perfectly proper) investigate and make sure you are dealing with a real person. And never ever pay out settlement monies until the initial cheque (even if apparently certified) has fully cleared:

Dear Morton James Cooper

Please do you handle Debt Recovery cases? I have a long time business client who has violated our contract agreement and i need a good lawyer to handle this matter urgently.
If you or your firm is retained, my expectation of your services for now will be within the scenario of a Demand letter to our client.
This approach will trigger the much needed response from our client towards amicable settlement.
I am prepared to pay your retainer fees. I will also send you other important and sensitive documents

Expecting your urgent reply

Best Regards

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