Monday, May 6, 2013

Sleepy Monday


The Keystone Garter said...

If you hang "The fate of animals" upside down, it is optimistic.

What we really need are two things to adapt to the future. Future technologies might not give us a warning to learn from, so we will need to be more proactive than reactive. This requires determinging to what degree to make software ends, creative. To what degree to mess with our brains or other potential brains. And to what degree to increase our own civilization's mind power.

And then solving the Drake Equation and maybe some advanced determine alien protocols.

So there is the velocity of our own engineering prowess. The velocity of brains in a vat or greatly modified human brains (so that The Iliad doesn't apply). And software velocity which is a function of the technology/humans it can command.

The key is to get a science of it all. People should be self-recording their SARS symptoms on a phone app. Should be recording their modds and thoughts with life events and drugs and food consumption. We should be able to predict human behaviours in a possible of military WMD enforcement (tyrant) and under a position of WMD (terrorist) use, most easily.
That leaves just the software and the brains in a vat to worry about.
WHoever is in a good position to be said tyrants should have more votes...the mentally ill who refuse treatment can paint pictures that hang next to Franz.

The Keystone Garter said...

Quantum encryption along with air-strikes on the hackers, should solve the software problem of IP theft. But if you make a powerful enough AI it might not need help to get out. Computers beyond a certain software-enabling complexity should only be built under Manhattan Project security, or not at all. But on this one we will learn when someone prints out acrylic robots that try to gas us or something using dumb software. The actual brain technologies; we really don't want terrorists to get.
Develop human behaviour databases and associate safety net. Control the software, say with recycling and eventual enforcement or select agent style disbursion of future hardware and strong telecom and shortwave security agencies (only going after the big fish). And no actual brains until we know more. That leaves human augmentation a little vague...hopefully can learn from and hopefully extensive (anomnymous) self-reporting. All after solving AGW, WW3 and pandemics.
Citizens whose vote/net-worths scale with administrative competance (I assume there will always be thinktanks to suggest ideas), and mentally healthy utilitarian good at math administrators with study time, as one of three or four administrative options.
The software option is basically just a set of laws to follow once we box it properly.

The Keystone Garter said... get a timeline warning with brains: the pituatary gland is harder to build than a heart or kidney.
Basically, quantum encryption, connected to bioreactors and fab plants and other dual use infrastrucutres, should solve a lot of the problem. The RIM tech investor is doing a good job. I wonder how his upbringing was made better or worse in Turkey vs Canada?

The Keystone Garter said...

Our leaders now are the some of two things: how well they who the richest citizens are x how well they are utilitarian.
In the future the equation should be how well they are utilitarian x how well they understand future technologies/social-nets. Some actuarian training couldn't hurt.